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Tilt wheelchair. The Kiddo Tilt has been designed to offer exceptional adjustability and is provided with our revolutionary tilt system! The ideal positioning of the shoulder axle in relation to the rear wheel. The mechanism is especially designed so that the pivot is close to the balance point. Tilting without change of centre of gravity. This tilting function allows the smooth change of the user´s position and grants an effective relaxation of spine and pelvis. The Tilt can be adjusted from -10 and up to +50 degrees. The Tilt is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair and ideal for children who want to drive themselves. One of the few available tilting wheelchairs suitable for self-drive.

The Kiddo Tilt is always manufactured to the measurements of the child with seat sizes starting as small as 20cm, it’s adjustable in seat width, height, and depth, allowing the chair to grow with the child.  An innovative pediatric wheelchair with a contemporary design that is highly manoeuvrable thanks to its compact design and especially easy to handle. The chair is designed so that the child feels comfortable and is supported optimally and thus can safely explore the world.

Maximum user weight for the Kiddo Tilt is 75kg. The Kiddo Tilt is tested and approved in accordance with the European standard: NEN-EN 12183 and for safe transport in motorised vehicles in accordance with ISO 7176-19 – crashtest-safe (TÜV Rheinland).


Tilt System

The tilt adjustment allows the user the ability to take a different position and thereby reduce pressure in the sitting area.

The tilting system is at all times very light and safe to operate and adjust due to the constant centre of gravity during tilting. The pivit point lies close to the centre of gravity of the user. The tilt range is between -10 and 50 degrees.

The seat, back and leg rest tilts at one time from a fixed position. In addition, the backrest angle can be easily adjusted.

Tilt range

Legrest and footrest

The robust footrest sytem is mounted beneath the seat. Both the height and angle can be easily adjusted. The footrest can be performed both fixed & foldable as well as easy angle & height adjustable. It features a flat base plate and options for foot plate with heel edge or a base plate with heel edge and side support.

For the correct positioning of the feet, there are several options available including positioning with instep and forefoot in one, or just the instep. These can be carried out with a velcro closure or a click system.



Each seat cushion is individually made to measure to suit the needs of the user and there is a wide range of options and configurations to choose from including the Anatomical Seat, Ergo Seat, Abduction/Pony Seat. Standard seat cushions are fitted with a two-layer foam system for optimal pressure and comfort.

The seat can be upholstered with different fabrics – spacermesh (breathable) fabric, stamskin or neopreen.

Anatomical Seat – shaped seat which ensures a correct sitting balance and pressure.

Ergo Seat – for children who tend to slide forward, an ergo seat can solve the problem. Due to the reduced seating the child can maintain a proper seating position.

Abduction/Pony Seat – ideally suited to children with a tendancy to sacral (slumped, with a forward drooping upper body). Due to the spread sitting with hanging legs one creates an open hip angle so that the upper body rises and the alertness of the user will increase a lot. The seat is custom made and equipped with standard memory foam.

Foldaway Abduction Wedge – the retractable abduction pommel prevents adduction of the legs. Easy to fold down.


For the correct positioning and optimal support a perfect backrest is of great importance. The choice of backrest is individually measured and adjusted to the user.

Separated Backrest (PU Foam) – ergonomics was the starting point in the development of the separated back. Like two hands which support the back, each part is perfectly adjustable. The PU foam backrest is available in three sizes.

Separated Backrest (Upholstered) – fully customisable shaped back with optional integrated side supports. Upholstered with Spacermesh fabric finished with Cordura edges.

Continuous Backrest – Custom made continuous backrest with integrated side supports. Upholstered with Spacermesh fabric finished with Cordura edges.

Anatomical Backrest – continuous back, anatomically shaped and custom made. For additional support the backrest can be fitted with fixed or swing away side supports. Upholstered with Spacermesh fabric finished with Cordura edges.

Resilient Back – especially for children with uncontrolled movements (Cerebral Palsy) we provide the springing back that can be fitted on the Tilt. Through the Resilient Back, the force that is carried on the wheelchair can be absorbed. It is adjustable and lockable by means of the adjustment of the gas spring. The Suspension System is integrated into the central tubes at the back of the wheelchair. The spring is easy to adjust. If the function is to be temporarily disabled, it can be locked completely.

Side Supports (thoracic supports) – swing-away side supports for extra support and security. Optimal alignment (height and width adjustable) of the PU foam cushions to the measurements of the user. The system is quick , easy and 180 degrees sideways rotating. Fixed side supports are also adjustable in height and width but cannot be rotated sideways.



Our different type of headrests ensure optimal position of the head in combination with the right support. The headrest is adjustable in angle, height and depth. Of course, fully customised headrests are available where required. The Veldink mounting system (stainless steel) makes the headrest easy to adjust to the correct position. The system is easily mounted on the central back tube / handlebar. By choosing the stainless steel version the strength of the position is guaranteed. As a result, the headrest can be adjusted properly and remain in place.

Hemi Handlebar Grip

By mounting the Hemi Handlebar Grip on one of the front wheels, children can be encouraged to use their less strong arm and hand. This can be part of the so-called Forced Use program. Children, where one arm is clearly more affected than the other often tend to use one hand, even if it makes more sense to use two hands. The affected arm and hand is often ‘forgotten’. While the function is sometimes quite good, the handlebar can encourage to use them.


Rear Wheels – Choice of 22″, 24″ or 26″ rear wheels quick release wheels as standard with either pneumatic or leak proof tyres.

Brakes – Supplied as standard with user operated Veltrom drum brakes whereby the lever can be extended. Other options available include: Supervisor foot control, Supervisor manual control & manual user control, Supervisor foot control & user manual control.

Ergo Grip Hoops (push-rims) – wheels are fitted as standard with Ergo Grip Hoops. The Ergo Grip is adapted to the natural shape of the hand and is made of comfortable PU material which is softer, non-slip and heat insulting and will therefore offer extra comfort for the kids! Where required, the wheels can be equipped with aluminium hoops with spacer to the rim (can be fitted with Tetra control knobs).

Spoke Protectors – to fully personalise your wheelchair, there is an option for customised spokeguards and the choices for printing are almost unlimited (see link: Of course, you can also use your own image.

Front Wheels – available with or without protection (bumper) wheels, standard aluminium design fork with two black 5″ castors. Optional LED Light up castors available.


Colors / Individuality

The frame of the Classic can be painted in a wide range of different colors. See options below. Besides it is possible to apply spoke protectors. The choises for the printing of the spoke protectors is almost unlimited.


Product Code: VEL-KT

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