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The Sensory Pod

The Sensory Pod is an affordable, calming and relaxing space for both Children & Adults. Typically used in special needs and mainstream schools, Universities, Hospitals, Libraries and airports, as well as family homes. This calming space is full of amazing features as standard and great add-on products such as wifi control, custom branding and more.

The Sensory Pod has a mood light ceiling which is calming and relaxing. It can be changed instantly to the favoured colour. The space is fun, relaxing and appealing to any child, or adult, to spend any length of time. It is already being used successfully in Special Needs environments and Universities, seeking an Autism Friendly Environment.

Sensory Pod Benefits:

  • Calming Effect on Users
  • Autism Friendly
  • No Stress for Carer / Parent / Teacher
  • Professional Quick Installation
  • Safe & Comfortable Environment
  • App/WiFi Accessible

Sensory Pod Features:

  • 8ft Long by 4ft Wide
  • 5 Colour Adjustable LED
    Ambient Mood Lighting
  • Self-Adjusting Temperature
  • App Accessible Screen for Entertainment and Learning
  • Luxury & Comfort for Relaxation Rest and Sleep
  • Inbuilt HD Bluetooth Speakers

The Sensory Pod for Mainstream & Special Needs Schools

The Sensory Pod for Third Level Campus/Universities

The Sensory Pod for Libraries & Public Buildings

The Sensory Pod for Family Homes

Sensory Pod Videos


VibroMat is the latest creation by The Sensory Pod Development Team , VibroMat is a sensory stimulation Mattress available in a variety of shape , Sizes , Colors & Textures. It is ready to order right away and is a really beautiful addition to add to your new Sensory Pod. VibroMat offers deep Sensory stimulation to the end user and is recommended by Clinicians as a therapeutic calming therapy aid.


The Sensory Pod have just Invested in a new Industrial 4K High Resolution Printer which allows our Customers choose from over 5000 Super cool Designs to have Their Sensory Pod Wrapped In. This is really effective for companies that may be Sponsoring Sensory Pods to an Envoirment to have the Branding Advertised, Or simply just to create a friendly space for a child.


Our new interactive lighting system allows the end user options in what colors they may choose to have the interior. Our new interactive learning screen is packed with fun for the children!


Making access for younger children easier. We can make them in over 50 different colours and 2 toned to compliment your Sensory Pod.

Sensory Pod Gallery

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