M2 Mini Standard Shower Commode Chair

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M2 mini with self-propelled wheels and transit is designed for small users;

Children as well as small ADULTS.

The self-propelled wheels give the user more possibilities of being independent from nurses and further help. (The chair is shown with accessories)

Features – Self-propelled:

Height adjustable armrests.15,5 cm – 28,5 cm – From seat.

Backrest made of net-weave, is depth adjustable.

The backrest is equipped with 4 buckles, for maximum comfort, each separately adjustable.

Seat with gap and full covering lid is standard

The chair is height adjustable in 3 positions.

As standard the chair is fitted with 2 anti-tip bars for extra safety.

Fetures – Transit

The adjustments make the shower commode chair a very flexible one, which makes it possible to keep for several years, while the user grows older and taller.

The shower commode chair is equipped with 100 mm. Wheels and are height adjustable in 5 positions.

For enhanced manoeuvring and comfort, the handles are height adjustable and can be angled 90 degrees to the sides as well.

The shower commode chair is prepared with holders for headrest and side supporters.

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Product Code: M2-MS