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As all our rooms are bespoke and unique, our design teams motto is: 


“The answer is yes – now what’s the question!”

Softplay Sensory Rooms

Softplay is Ireland’s premier manufacturer of Multi Sensory Rooms with a reputation for quality, innovative designs and well crafted rooms. Softplay Sensory Rooms are the recognised experts in Sensory solutions, providing sensory rooms, our award winning Sensory Pod calming space, as well as smaller sensory products and toys. We are number one for quality because, as a medical company, our materials and finish are completed to healthcare rather than educational standards.

We pride ourselves in only using the best quality materials in our rooms, which provide a much higher and long-lasting finish. Our vinyl coverings are unique, as they are engineered for healthcare environments, which ensures they’re easy to clean, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, flame retardant, abrasion resistant and smooth to touch. We also have the widest and most vibrant colour range, which deliver unique rooms every time, without creases and that do not lose strength over time.

Our project team, led by Robert Byrne, will listen to your needs and deliver a unique design, made by our highly skilled craftsmen, along with our professional install team that will ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Softplay Sensory Rooms for Special Needs/Mainstream Schools

Softplay Sensory Rooms for Third Level Campus/Universities

Softplay Multi Sensory Rooms for Libraries and Public Buildings

Softplay Calming Cave, Infinity Panels and Ball Pools

Softplay Sensory Room Videos

SenShed – Innovative Outdoor Options

Due to increased demand from schools without the space for a sensory room, we’ve partnered with a quality shed manufacturer to provide you with a new option – The SenShed!

This concept provides a solution, without the hassle of a building project and planning permissions. All you need to do is get a base foundation ready.

The SenShed is made to measure, fully insulated, with a rubber treated roof. We then fit it out to your requirements with one of our Softplay, quality and bespoke, Sensory rooms, manufactured in Ireland and installed within 2 months. 

We’ve managed to achieve this at an incredible price – almost half the price of alternatives.

Outdoor Sensory Shed

Quality Fabrics with Vibrant Colours

All our padded surfaces, for wall panels, plinths, floor mats and ball pools are covered with our quality range of soft-to-touch vinyl fabrics.

Offered in the widest range of vibrant colours, we supply all our panels and plinths in stylish single or two-tone colour designs.

Ideal for both educational and healthcare environments, as they’re covered with an easy to clean material with an antibacterial/anti-fungal treatment which is now more important in these Covid times. 

All our materials are CE approved, flame retardant, anti-abrasion, wrinkle/crease proof when applied, which ensures a smooth and long wearing surface.

Poor Quality = Low Price?

Benjamin Franklin said that “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

Vinyl Materials

Our craftsmanship, quality, and finish is unrivalled. This is because of our healthcare background, where we work to higher infection control expectations and standards than in the educational environment.
Our expert seamstresses and upholsterers are trained to match vinyl colours, in our signature two-tone effect. We machine stitch every joint and corner, thereby delivering a flat and smooth surface. This ensures we avoid pinching/creasing which gives a corrugated and rough feel, which can be unsettling for many Sensory Room users.
Photos: Top left photo shows our High Quality Pink Vinyl vs a competitor.
Top right showcases vinyl 
Bottom right is an example of competitor vinyl cracking which causes infection control concerns.

Foam Materials

We only use quality foams to pad and cushion our Sensory Rooms.
We buy 6lb, environmentally friendly, Recon treated, Chip foam from KayMed, the leading innovator of Healthcare foams for North America and the EU.
We never use Ethafoam, which is hard to touch, designed mostly for the automotive and packaging industry, as it is highly flammable, toxic, and with carcinogenic concerns.
Photos: Left photo is our safe, fire retardant, and environmentally friendly KayMed foam.
Right photo shows highly flammable Ethafoam, melting from radiator heat, not flames!
  • Ireland’s No.1 Sensory Room Providers

  • Most Responsive Supplier – Fastest Turnaround Times

  • We Manufacture Everything in Ireland – No Importing Delays

  • We Design and Customise your Rooms Directly with You

  • Higher Quality Materials – Medical Industry Standards

  • We Offer More Options – Wider Variety of Colours & Products

  • Busiest Because We are Best, with Nationwide Coverage

Check out our 2023 Completed Rooms on Instagram: @thesensorypod

Why Softplay Multi Sensory Rooms?

Schools, Hospitals and Public buildings should be spaces that feel comfortable, safe and designed to cater to all people, especially for those who struggle with processing environmental stimuli. A Multi-Sensory, or calming room, provides that safe, relaxing and comfortable space for all. 

A Multi-sensory room is designed to stimulate and soothe all the senses, help build key development skills, such as cause and effect, hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. They are immersive environments supplied with specialist sensory equipment to promote stimuli and developmental interactions.

A Multi-Sensory room can also provide a calming and relaxing environment designed to reduce the likelihood of meltdowns and panic attacks. In this scenario the users are

looking to withdraw and calm down to avert an escalation of their anxieties. Our project team can design a Multi-Sensory room to suit the requirements of special needs and mainstream schools, third level institution as well as Libraries and public buildings. Feel free to contact us for your own bespoke needs.

Swords ETNS Testimonial

To Robert and all at The Sensory Pod,

Thank you all so much for the amazing work completed for our school. You have tailored everything perfectly to our needs from the amazing Sensory Room to the gorgeous Sensory area in our stairwell. From start to finish you have listened to our needs and provided quality, high standard materials as well as providing us with much needed advice and support in the initial stages. 

The service you provide is second to none, bespoke features and materials at a fraction of the cost that other companies are charging. I cannot recommend you and your team highly enough. The finished product is everything we have wished for and more.

Not only have you provided us with two fantastic sensory spaces in our school but you have been part of the team in Swords ETNS with your sound advice and shared vision for the areas. This is something unique that the Sensory Pod offers and as a result makes the product all the more special for each individual school. 

I cannot thank you enough, 

Karl, Staff, Board of Management and pupils of Swords ETNS

Softplay Sensory Rooms Gallery

The Softplay brand is manufactured in Ireland by our team of experienced master tradesmen. We listen to your needs and design each room accordingly, so that we’ll deliver your project with a room in colours and specifications that are unique. Our vibrant and proactive R&D team enjoy designing bespoke rooms, and spaces, with input from customers/professionals, to ensure our clients are delighted with a design that exactly meets their needs. 


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