Plastic Fluted Grab Rails


This cost effective range of plastic grab rails is made from white PVC tubes with moulded end fittings.

They have circular fixing plates which have a covering disc supplied that clips into place, hiding the screw heads.

The tubes are fluted along their length to provide better grip for wet hands.

No electrical earthing required.

Available in six lengths;

  • 305mm / 12 inch
  • 381mm / 15 inch
  • 410mm / 16 inch
  • 457mm / 18 inch
  • 610mm / 24 inch
  • 914mm / 36 inch

Please note : This product is not supplied with any screws, plugs or other fixings. The type of fixings required will depend on the type of surface to which the product is to be mounted. This should be determined by an installer, plumber or other competent person.


Product Code: WEB0108

  • Diameter of Tubes: 38mm (1½”).
  • Distance from Wall: 50mm (2¼”).
  • Disc Diameter: 91mm (3¾”).