Safety Sleeper Model

New Features, Improved Safety & Extra Space!

– Easy to transport, weighs less than 19kg (37lbs).
– Fits perfectly in any size room.
– Video Monitoring through see-through bed end.
– Fully customised options to fit specific needs.
– Peace of mind that your loved one is Safe & Secure.

Our Professional Model is our most flexible model which can be opened from either side or zipped all the way around to allow for a fully open centre. This provides maximum access to carers and allows for hoists/lifts access. Video Monitoring is possible through a convertible see-through bed end. It also comes fitted with multi-functional access points for use with feeding tubes, oxygen tubes, etc..

Professional Model

Convertible Entry/Removable Vinyl or Mesh Panel

Hoist Accessible / Removable Roof

Night-time Viewing Window

About The Safety Sleeper:

The Safety Sleeper provides a totally secure, safe and comfortable sleep solution for children and adults at risk to themselves or others. Prevents wandering, falling out of bed, injury during seizures and is entrapment proof. Sleep well in the knowledge your loved one is safe, comfy and secure in their Safety Sleeper. The unique value this product brings to the family is the ability to use it at home and also be able to take this environment with them when they need to travel.

  • 100% Safe & Secure
  • Easy to Assemble in Minutes
  • Wheeled Travel Suitcase for Easy Transport
  • Strong, Stable, Light and Comfortable
  • A Fraction of the Cost of Special Needs Cots
  • Perfect for Travel, Respite & Overnights with Family
  • Makes Bedrooms Homely and Not Institutional
  • Calms & Relaxes Children
  • Machine Washable

Professional Model Specifications:

  • Frame Pads (To prevent a person injuring themselves on the metal poles if they have a tendency to self-harm)
  • Two Waterproof Coverlet Sheets supplied as standard (The sheets that a person lies on which zip into the frame to eliminate entrapment issues)
  • Full Centre Entry (The Professional Model can be zipped all the way around to allow for a fully open center. This provides maximum access to caretakers and allows for medical hoists/lifts)
  • End of bed entry with removable vinyl and mesh panels
  • Video Monitoring is accessible through the Removable See-Through Bed End.
  • Side Entry (The Professional Safety Sleeper can be opened and accessed from both sides)
  • Multi Functional Access Points for use with feeding tubes, oxygen tubes, etc, are supplied on both sides
  • Stabilising Straps (To attach to the base of a single or double bed as appropriate although it can be placed directly on a floor)
  • Air Mattress & Pump (This is only intended for occasional use, a standard single mattress is recommended for everyday use)
  • Travel Suitcase

Professional Model Dimensions:

  • Width (at base): 90cm
  • Length (at base): 190cm
  • Overall Height (from base of mattress to top of enclosure): 112cm
  • Headroom: 81-86cm (depending on mattress used)
  • Recommended Mattress Height: 20.5-25.5cm (air mattress supplied is for occasional use only, for everyday use, it is recommended that you use a standard single size mattress).

New Features & Improvments:

  • Extra 3 inches of headroom
  • Two waterproof coverlet sheets as standard
  • Door width increase by 2.5 inches
  • Increased strength of frame joints by 27%
  • Fully encased frame pads making assembly even easier
  • Extended mesh on enclosure to improve visibility
  • Improved lock clips
  • *Access ports relocated to improve use with feeding tubes and other monitoring devices (*Access ports on Professional Model only)
  • Adjusted pocket size (8-10 inches) allowing for easier mattress sourcing and insertion
  • Added security system to mattress pocket zippers

Safety Sleeper Videos



  • Fully portable and easy to transport
  • Versatile for daily use and for travel
  • Includes hard shell wheeled suitcase and air mattress
  • Provides familiarity to loved one during travel
  • Our beds are easy to transport, weighs less than 19kg
  • Perfect for daily use, respite care, vacations, travel, hospital stays




  • CE Listed
  • Pressure tested for up to 300lbs.
  • Built from durable fire-retardant materials
  • Designed to hold up against high activity levels and such behaviors as head banging, seizures, and the like.
  • Eliminates entrapment


  • Spacious enough for an adult
  • Fits perfectly in any size room
  • Sets up in 5 minutes
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof padding available for attachable sheets (Coverlet)
  • Coverlet (sheet) is removable for easy laundering


  • Different models for you to choose from
  • Fully customised options to fit specific needs
  • 3 fabric colours to choose from
  • Twin, Full and Queen sizes available
  • Can be customised to accommodate a video monitor or fit a bunk bed or captain’s bed
  • Contact our customer care team for more information and pricing

Safety Sleeper Gallery

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