Rehabilitation Exercises

Resistance putty is a great tool for helping recover from hand and wrist injuries. Sammons Preston Therapy Putty enables a wide variety of hand movements and stretches. These exercises include stretches, pinches, twists, and grips.

Progressive Resistance System

This putty is great for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and hand workouts. The progressive system makes exercises more challenging as you work through the colors. This helps build strength or recover effectively from injury and surgery.

Available in six colour coded resistance levels;

  • Super Soft – Tan
  • Soft – Yellow
  • Medium Soft – Red
  • Medium – Green
  • Firm – Blue
  • Extra Firm – Grey



Product Code: 0910120

  • Weight: 57g
  • Improves Strength
  • Bleed proof and non-oily formula helps keep the skin clean without sticking to the skin
  • Won’t stain, fragment, or separate for repeated, long-term use
  • For pinching, gripping, and twisting exercises
  • Latex-free and non-toxic composition is safe for anyone with latex sensitivities or allergies