WL 444 Wake Up Light


The Medisana Wake-up Light wakes you up naturally by simulating natural sunrise – with a special combination of light and eight natural sounds to select from.

The light intensity increases continuously, and it gradually becomes brighter like in nature, starting about 30 minutes before the actual waking-up time. As a result, the production of waking hormones is stimulated in the body even before we wake up. Alarm function through an integrated FM radio or 8 natural sounds.

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Product Code: WL444

  • Long-lasting, energy-saving LED lighting
  • Backup battery
  • Colour-changing wellness light with 7 colours
  • 8 radio memories
  • Gradually increasing light for 30 minutes before your wake-up
  • Light intensity adjustable
  • 2 adjustable alarms
  • LCD display with blue back-light
  • Touch button: Snooze function