WiTouch Pro Tens


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This is one of the first wireless TENS units available on the market, and is one of our most popular sellers. No more wires or electrodes! This innovative package attaches to the lower back with special gel pads (one set of 5 is included with the device, and you can purchase more separately in packs of 10). It is fully adjustable via a small remote that allows you to increase and decrease the intensity level of the device. Plus, since this is a complete package, you get everything you need in one easy package.

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  • Drug Free solution with no side effects, that means no pills to take!!
  • Thin, lightweight, and flexible design perfectly contours the back for a perfect fit on almost any body type
  • Comfortable & discreet – wear under your clothing for hours of pain relief when you need it
  • Completely Wireless! No lead wires, bulky back wraps or belts
  • Portable & convenient for travel
  • Over 100 30-minute treatments before changing batteries
  • Replaceable Gel Pads for multiple back pain relief applications
  • As powerful as professional equipment