Viso Tempo 200 Simple Music Player


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Easy to use, compact MP3 player, the Viso Tempo 200 is ideal for people with  Dementia that find controls difficult to remember or manipulate. With just 2 buttons (on/off/volume and next song) it makes listening to your favourite songs easy.

Simple Two Button Operation

  • On/Off & Volume (in one button)
  • Skip/Next song

Storage & Power

  • 8GB internal memory (supplied with empty memory) upload up to 1000 songs of your choice
  • Can be used plugged into mains power or by built-in battery
  • Built-in battery has up to 8 hours playtime
  • Battery automatically charges when music player is plugged into mains power
  • Charging visual indicator

LCD Screen

  • Font size: 3.2cm height
  • Font colour: white
  • Clock: 12 hour with AM/PM or 24 hour display

Settings & Options

Settings are changed using 3 control switch buttons on the back of the music player;

  1. Clock: On/Off/Time setting
  2. Playback mode: Nonstop/Shuffle/Repeat
  3. General: On/Off + Volume locked/Off


  • 1 x VISO Tempo 200 music player
  • 1 x Mains power adapter
  • 1 x USB cable (for transferring music)
  • 1 x Instructions
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Product Code: VISOTEMPO200_RED

  • 8GB Internal Memory (upload more than 1,000 songs)
  • Adjustable volume or option to lock the volume to prevent accidental volume changes
  • Music uploaded via USB from any Windows, Apple, or Linux PC
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Headphone socket for personal use
  • 2 buttons – on/off/volume & next song
  • Compact design of 210 x 81 x 123mm (12.8 x 4.9 x 7.5 inches)
  • Colour: Red