Veldink Trippel-do Classic

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The Trippel chair is a chair where head, torso and sitting balance can be trained. For the youngest children (toddlers), intended as a therapy tool, with the opportunity to toddle. The Trippel is used in home situations or day care centers so that children can move themselves and discover their world together with friends. 


  • Encourage movement
  • While Playing – train the head, torso and sitting balance.
  • Tray and pushbar optional
  • Available in sitting height range 20 to 28cm and seat width 16cm to 30cm.
  • Choice of 4 different colors side guards
  • 16″ synthetic wheels with rubber tyres
  • Two 5″ castors (rear)
  • Smoothly cushioned seat
  • Back roll
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Anti-tip brackets on front



  • Tyre brakes on 16″ wheels
  • 20″ wheels
  • Cushioned continuous back
  • Hip belt
  • Breast band
  • Push Bar
  • Foot support bracket
  • Grip rings mounted on 16″ wheels


The TRIPPEL-DO is available in the following colour combinations:


red / yellow     –   yellow / blue 
blue / red        –   grey / black





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