Veldink Kiddo Xperienz

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3-wheel active wheelchair

Very easy and light to manoeuvre while providing the user with exceptional support and comfort.

  • Designed so that the rider is optimally supported with indefinite adjustment to each rider’s therapeutic and physical demands.
  • A truly flexible frame offering sizes from children to junior to young adult and beyond, this wheelchair is custom built to your exact requirements.
  • It is a perfect combination of streamlined design and robust functionality whilst retaining Veldink’s legendary manoeuvrability and precision, and offering infinite adjustments for growth and changing needs.



  • Active user non-tilt rehab wheelchair for children aged from junior to adult
  • Rigid frame – from 25-45cm seat width
  • For users up to 75kg
  • Choice of 20, 22, 24 or 26″ rear wheels
  • Growth adjustable in all directions
  • Lightweight – from 17kg
  • Tested and approved to NEN-EN 12183
  • Crash-tested conform ISO 7176-19

Wheels and Hoops

  • Rear wheels and integrated drum brakes & hoops, 20, 22, 24 or 26”
  • Rear wheels have our unique Veltrom drum brake system, super easy to use and reach, and always work, even in bad weather – must have in the UK, and even if the tyres are flat.
  • Veltrom brakes operated by the rider and control levers can be made to suit the needs of the rider.
  • Xperienz has ERGO Grip hoops as standard with ‘Schwalbe Rightrun’ black pneumatic tyres with puncture proof or Schwalbe ‘RoadCruiser‘ available too.


  • Separated Footplates – Classic can be fitted with a two piece footplate system available in three sizes, and can have optional heel edge, side support, rubber bumper, or DynaShock resilliant system to absorb tonal impact or extensor spasm and so on
  • Comfort Leg Support – Classic can be optionally equipped with a comfort leg support, with calf plate and biomechanical hinge which is very easy to set up and adjust, and can also swing away.
  • Other options include temporary leg plate and custom leg supports which would be made to order, just like your Veldink!


  • Anatomic Seat – shaped seat ensures correct posture and excellent pressure redistribution
  • Ergonomic Seat discourages pelvic tilting, Ergo seat is perfect to maintain correct pelvic alignment with custom built ramp and thigh troughs
  • Abduction Wedge (medial thigh support) custom made to the individual need accommodate adduction at the hip and generate a neutral position of the thighs if possible. Mounted underneath the seat and can easily be removed if needed with two types of interface a slide in tube-in-tube style or swing away style with options on shape of cylinder (not custom made), or custom made wedge


  • One-Piece backrest cushion as standard, simple yet effective comfort cushion
  • One-Piece backrest with Side/Thoracic Supports or bolt on thoracic supports, offering lateral support for users that need it occasionally
  • Deep Contour custom made backrest with customisable and adjustable thoracic supports and shoulder support, shaped to allow self-propelling, for users that are in permanent need of lateral support
  • Two Piece Split Back – two ergonomically designed backrest pads, like two hands holding you at different places. Precision adjustable, the backrest pads can be individually adjusted for situations such as flexible kyphosis or similar reasons, e.g. in Duchennes sufferers where different amounts of pressure are needed in different places to help to sit properly to promote organ function. There are 2 types of split back – PU foam pad is available in three sizes and custom-made split back parts with integrated side support can be custom designed and built to the specific needs of the rider.