Veldink Kiddo Classic

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The all-rounder of the Veldink4kids wheelchair family! A reliable “companion” in all situations. This 4-wheel children’s wheelchair is custom made and is a perfect combination of design and functionality.

The Kiddo Classic is an active wheelchair with a strong rigid frame, the seat is adjustable in width, height and depth. Allowing the chair to grow with the child. The wheelchair is modular and therefore can easily be disassembled when needed. The Classic is a chair built for rehabilitation with comfort provided as standard for use by children and teenagers for both indoor and outdoor use. The Kiddo Classic has a streamlined design, is highly robust and light moving. The wheelcahir is very suitable for both the active and passive user. Perfect adaptation to the therapeutic demands of each individual user, from childhood to adulthood.

Maximum user weight is 100kg. The Kiddo Classic is tested and approved in accordance with the European standard: NEN-EN 12183 and for safe transport in motorised vehicles in accordance with ISO 7176-19 – crashtest-safe (TÜV Rheinland).

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Product Code: VEL-KC

    • Seat unit            :height- angle- depth and width.
    • Back rest unit    :height- angle- width- shape and symmetrical.
    • Armrests           :height.
    • Footrests          :knee joint- ankle joint and lower leg length.


      • Robust, light moving and manoeuvrable!
      • Grows with the child. (in width, depth & height)
      • Wide range of extra options and personalised products
      • Easy transportation (divisible)
      • Rigid frame, from 22cm to 44cm seat width available.
      • Rear Wheels – 22″, 24″ or 26″ – solid or air tyres (including optional upgrade to Outdoor style wheels)
      • Ergo-Grip Hoops supplied as standard
      • Unique drum brake with quick release mechanism as standard
      • 5″ solid front castor
      • Range of hip belts and harnesses available
      • Range of back and seat cushions available to suit individual users needs
      • Armrests available as fixed or height adjustable
      • Clothing protectors integrated in fenders
      • One piece or separated footrests available (fixed or folding)
      • Anti-tips with rollers (fixed or swing away)
      • Push handle – options removable / adjustable

      Adjustment possibilities



    • No standard seat widths.  Sizes from 22cm to 43cm (per cm. adjustable).
    • Body measurements and body posture determine the measurements of the wheelchair.
    • Is able to grow with the child to an adult age.
    • Seat widths adjustable in steps of 2cm.
    • Seat height adjustable from 40 to 58cm.
    • Seat angle adjustable from 10 degrees positive to 10 degrees negative.
    • Seat depth: 20 to 45cm.
    • Back rest height 21 to 48cm (Agle of backrest free adjustable).
    • Back shape and back width free adjustable within seatframe.

    Colors / Individuality

    The frame of the Classic can be painted in a wide range of different colors. See options below. Besides it is possible to apply spoke protectors. The choises for the printing of the spoke protectors is almost unlimited.

    Individuality, differentiate yourself, show yourself and be part of the entirety. Design your own Kiddo Classic wheelchair to your own taste. Togetter we create a unique chair!