Ulla Simple Drinking Reminder


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Dehydration from not drinking enough is bad for everyone. It’s often worse for someone living with dementia. Dehydration is a leading cause of hospital admissions and a factor in the occurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Ulla is smart, simple and stylish. Pop it around any bottle, glass or mug and it will blink brightly to draw attention to the drink and encourage regular hydration.

No buttons, no set up. Ulla is designed to make it incredibly easy to use in a range of environments.

Ulla is easily mounted on water bottles of all sizes and materials in seconds. It can also be attached to ordinary glasses and mugs.

How it works

The sensor’s hydration interval is programmed in a way that reminds people to pick up their water bottle at least twice per hour – that’s 16 times in a typical 8 hour day.

A typical day with Ulla:

In the morning, Ulla will detect movement and light up, reminding someone to top up the drink.

When the drink is full and placed back, the hydration interval is set on and in 30 – 40 minutes interval, Ulla will remind you to drink water.

The light will blink only if you forgot to drink 30-40 minutes. If you have picked up the bottle in this period (Ulla knows this because it has an in-built tilt sensor), it will not blink and will remind you to drink 30-40 minutes after your last sip.

When there is no movement in the room, Ulla will automatically go off after 2 intervals and wait for you to come back. When completely dark, Ulla doesn’t blink even if there are movements around.

Good to know:

·  Can be mounted on any bottle or glass.

·  100% automatic and needs no other devices to work.

·  Ambient sensor, auto-sip detection and movement sensor.

·  Temperature sensor.

·  6 Month – Long lasting battery life.

·  Made in EU.


Product Code: ULA001