Tube Squeezer


It is not uncommon for a person with dementia to begin to have difficulty controlling their muscles. Decreased grip strength is one area that may be affected. In an effort to encourage independent living, offering specially adapted items such as a Tube Squeezer may be a good idea.

This handy gadget is easy to use. Twisting the thumb screw puts gentle pressure on the toothpaste (and similar tubes), eliminating the need to grip. Ideal for those who have use of only one hand. Suitable for any tube width less than 5cm.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need to grip
  • Ideal for those with the use of only one hand
  • A simple twist puts gently pressure on the tube
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Product Code: SII1030

  • Diameter: 55mm.
  • Height: 44mm.
  • Weight: 27g.