The Sensory Pod

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The Sensory Pod is a futuristic calming space for the School, College or home environment. This calming space is full of amazing features as standard and great add-on products such as wifi control, custom branding and more.

The Sensory Pod has a mood light ceiling which is calming and relaxing. It can be changed instantly to the favoured colour. The space is fun, relaxing and appealing to any child, or adult, to spend any length of time. It is already being used successfully in Special Needs environments and Universities, seeking an Autism Friendly Environment.


  • Calming effect on users
  • Autism Friendly
  • No stress for carer / parent / teacher
  • Professional quick installation
  • Safe & comfortable environment
  • App/wifi accessible


Product Code: SENSPOD

  • 8’ Long x 4’ Wide x 6’ High (244cm Long x 123cm Wide x 183cm High)
  • 5 Colour Adjustable LED Ambient Mood Lighting
  • Self-adjusting temperature
  • App accessible screen for entertainment and learning
  • Luxury and comfort for relaxation rest and sleep
  • Inbuilt HD bluetooth speakers


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