The Safety Sleeper – Standard Bundle Package

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The Safety Sleeper provides a totally secure, safe and comfortable sleep solution for children and adults at risk to themselves or others.

Prevents wandering, falling out of bed, injury during seizures and is entrapment proof. Sleep well in the knowledge your loved one is safe, comfy and secure in their Safety Sleeper.

• Strong, stable, light and comfortable
• Portable, supplied in a lightweight, wheeled travel suitcase for easy transport
• Classified as FREE airline baggage for holidays
• A fraction of the cost of special needs cots
• Standard single bed or double bed sizes
• Put up or take down in minutes
• Available in Blue or Pink

Our Standard Bundle Package

Our Standard Safety Sleeper Package is our most popular seller and we stock it in Blue or Pink for fast delivery usually within 2/3 days of order. It includes all the most popular features in one easy package.

UK single bed-sized Safety Sleeper with single side entry (double bed size is also available for an additional cost)

?Air Mattress & pump

2 coverlets (the sheets that a person lies on which zip into the frame to eliminate entrapment issues)

Frame pads (to prevent a person injuring themselves on the metal poles if they have a tendency to self-harm)

Stabilising straps (to attach to the base of a single or double bed as appropriate although it can be placed directly on a floor)

Travel suitcase

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Product Code: UK090190BU-STD

  • Dimensions
  • Width (at base): 90cm
  • Length (at base): 190cm
  • Overall Height (from base of mattress to top of enclosure): 101.6cm