Swedish Posture Vibe Posture Digital Sensor


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Vibe digital sensor vibrates when it is time to correct your posture. Vibe attaches easily to your shirt with magnet closure and are started by a press of a button! An effective posture coach based on innovative Bio-feedback in a small pocket size.

Turn the sensor on. Maintain a good posture while setting your standard position. Vibe lets you lean forward more than 15 degrees from your standard position for 5 seconds. A vibration then reminds you to correct your posture. Vibe stops to vibrate once you are back in your standard position. To charge Vibe, connect the USB data cable to an USB-device.


Product Code: 0330B0

  • Improves your posture
  • Vibrations remind you to correct your posture
  • An effective, yet discrete, posture coach in a small pocket size
  • Magnetic closure
  • Wear on chest or back
  • Use all day. Vibrates after 5 seconds in a bad position

Change your postural pattern:
Vibe posture digital sensor vibrates to effectively remind you to correct your posture throughout the day.