Simple Music Player


Music has a restorative effect which improves quality of life and mental well-being. Many individuals with Dementia want to listen to music but are unable to use conventional music players because they find these too complicated to operate. Many people with early stage Dementia find controls difficult to remember or manipulate.

This version is designed to overcome these problems as it helps to provide people with Dementia with music they remember in a way they can independently access themselves. Operated by lifting the lid, which automatically switches the unit on and plays a tune.

If a new tune is desired, a single large button allows the individual to skip to the next track. Family, carers or friends set the volume (which is intentionally not easy to change by accident), as well as downloading tunes onto the player (easily via a USB link from a Windows, Apple or Linux PC)

Available in three colours: red, green or walnut


Product Code: 22112

  • Size: 30 x 19 x 11cm
  • Available in Red

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