Reusable Sticky Labels for Drawers, Cupboards and Doors


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Reusable Sticky Labels for Drawers, Cupboards and Doors are an effective & dignified way of providing support around the home for anyone with memory loss.

  • Set of 30 reusable sticky labels
  • Labels use an ingenious reusable self-adhesive allowing the labels to be stored, removed, or replaced as required
  • Supplied in a ring binder where signs can be stored safely until they need to be used again
  • The words and images used have been proven to be effective, as they’re taken from our popular range of dementia signage

Our Reusable Sticky Labels for Drawers, Cupboards, and Doors are manufactured using the latest innovative adhesive that allows removal and replacement of the signs many times over. They can be applied to virtually any surface and removed at a later time without leaving any damage or residue.

How labels can help people with dementia or memory loss

Drawers, cupboards, and doors can become confusing for someone with cognitive loss, making simple tasks stressful and daunting. Even when someone has lived in the familiar surroundings of their own home for many years, may find it difficult to remember where items/rooms are located.

A process we have successfully carried out many thousands of times – like making a cup of tea – progressively becomes more complex. Where are the spoons, the sugar, milk, cup, saucer etc? The harder it gets, the more frustrating it becomes for the individual and the less independent and confident they can become.

How labels can help carers, relatives, & friends

When family, friends, or carers are visiting the last thing they may want is to highlight their personal difficulties. Clearly labelled doors, drawers, and cupboards allow anyone to easily find what they’re looking for in the home, without having to question the person with memory loss and potentially highlight their difficulties.

Labels in care homes

Our pack of reusable labels can be very beneficial for a person living in a care home environment, especially if they have used the labels at their house and are making the difficult move to a care home.

Entering a care home can be a troubling time for someone with dementia or cognitive loss, as they are surrounded by unfamiliarity. Simply being able to find everything they need in their room, such as clothes, may make a big difference when settling in.

Helping with holidays

Reusable Sticky Labels for Drawers, Cupboards, and Doors can be taken down from their home, affixed back in the binder and taken away for use whilst on holiday. This can help eliminate the stress and confusion that may be associated with someone with memory loss living in a room or house they are unfamiliar with, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your holiday.


Product Code: SIGNPACK

  • Includes 30 reusable labels – see contents below

Drawers & Cupboards – 20 Reusable Labels

  • Cups & Plates x 1
  • Clothes x 4 (2 male & 2 female)
  • Underwear x 2 (1 male & 1 female)
  • Food x 2
  • Towels x 1
  • Cupboard x 2
  • Coats & Shoes x 2
  • Cutlery x 1
  • Toiletries x 1
  • Cleaning Products x 1
  • Pots & Pans x 1
  • Medicines x 1
  • Stationery x 1

Doors & Rooms – 10 Reusable Labels

  • Lounge x 1
  • Bedroom x 3
  • Dining Room x 1
  • Bathroom x 1
  • Toilet x 2
  • Shower x 1
  • Kitchen x 1


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