Red Raised Toilet Seat – 100mm / 4″


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Raising your toilet seat to a more accessible height, the Red Raised Toilet Seat is much easier to see than a traditional white one.Its bold colour makes it easier to recognise and is ideal for anyone living with dementia or visual impairment. Also available in a 50mm (2 inch) version, it prevents bending and straining when sitting down on the toilet.

  • Raises height of toilet seat
  • Bold red colour is easier to see and recognise
  • Cutaway design for easier personal cleaning


Product Code: M56723

  • Toilet Seat – Aperture: 210mm width x 250mm depth (8 x 9¾”).
  • Width: 380mm (15″).
  • Depth: 250mm (9¾”).
  • Product weight: 1.3kg (3lb).
  • User weight limit: 190kg (30st)
  • Weight: 1.3kg (3lb)