PS 438 Personal Weighing Scales


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The PS 438 design glass weighing scale radiates a good mood in the bathroom! Thanks to the invisible LED display, which only appears when weighing, and the large, easy-to-read LED illuminated figures, the flat-designed design scales are particularly space-saving and fit into any bathroom ambience. Four high-precision strain gauge sensors ensure accurate measurement results, and their tread surface made of six millimetres of extra-clear safety glass guarantees the necessary safety.

The scales have a measuring range up to 180 kg, 396 lb / 28 st 4 lb.

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Product Code: 40524

  • Easy-to-read LED illuminated figures
  • Automatic switch off after 6 seconds
  • Safety glass
  • Measuring range up to 180 kg / 28st 4lb.


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