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Beat S.A.D. and Winterblues from just 30 minutes daily with Propeaq Light Glasses!

  • In the dark winter months beat S.A.D. and Winterblues
  • Better sleep for Shift Workers
  • No more Jet Lag
  • 15 Minute Energy Boost
  • Achieve Peak Performance for Elite Athletes

Beat Winterblues
Winterblues is a very common problem. During fall and winter when the days get shorter, you feel a lack of energy and motivation. Use the Propeaq light glasses to fight winterblues. By putting the glasses on for 30 minutes everyday you feel more energized and motivated!

Balance Your Sleep
Propeaq also offers a solution when you are experiencing trouble falling asleep. Remove the transparent lenses and put the orange lenses in the frame without turning the blue LED’s on. The lenses will block the ambient blue light for you which will help you fall asleep more easily!

Energy Boost & Improve your Peak Performance
A dose of blue light at the right moment can overcome fatigue and help with sharper focus. Top athletes benefit greatly from the use of specific light schedule. Athletes understand the importance of training discipline. They know that structure and dedication are requirements to transform their talent into success. It is easy to incorporate Propeaq light glasses into existing schedules and lifestyles; even easier than the light boxes traditionally used.

Propeaq TimeTooler App
The Propeaq TimeTooler app helps you with an optimized, personal schedule to use your Propeaq glasses and achieve optimal results.


Light therapy is based on decades of scientific research. Blue light immediately affects the brain stimulation and regulation of your sleep/wake-cycle, through the eyes (retina and the optic nerve) to the  biological clock in your brain.

This timing mechanism influences your alertness, concentration, mood and sleep. And is crucial for your health and general wellbeing.

Propeaq light glasses are the future in wearable light therapy and made to regulate and optimize your personal performance and energy in an average of 30 minutes a day. The integrated LED’s in the glasses can be controlled by hand or by Bluetooth via the free Propeaq app.

Wearable, affordable and easy to use. Besides athletes, ideal for shift workers, hard working professionals, frequent flyers and all others who can benefit from extra energy and better sleep. A complete solution for travel and at home. Ideal for you.

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Product Code: PROPEAQ 1.0

  • Help prevent jet lag
  • Improve performance
  • Improve sleep and increase energy
  • Set your internal clock for shift work


  • A pair of lightweight glasses Interchangeable lenses, red and blue
  • A protective case
  • Micro USB cable and charger