Precious Pets – Chocolate Labrador Puppy


Lifelike, “breathing” little bundles of joy. These virtual pets offer the best of owning an animal without the hassle or continual expense.
These pets are very realistic. They are lifesize, carefully weighted to feel like a real small animal, and ‘breathe’ too – the back subtly rises and falls as if softly napping. The puppy can be picked up out of its basket and placed on the lap. Perfect for those who find the repetitive movement of stroking a pet calming and soothing. Complete with collar. Suitable for stroking and enjoying the experience of having a comforting weight on the lap, simulating a sleeping animal, rather than cuddling or hugging. Breeds and colour may vary subject to availability.

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Product Code: 20397

  • Dimensions: 250 x 170mm
  • Battery type: 1 x D battery (included)