Posture Workout Band


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A long textile elastic band with loops for individual resistance.

Use anywhere and anytime!

Straightening your body improves your posture

DAILY MOVEMENT RESISTANCE BAND – The Posture Workout Band is a resistance band in woven elastic with loops for an individualized challenge. Resistance, the number of repetitions, and intensity in the exercises are up to you.

FULL BODY WORKOUT – The Posture Workout Band gives you a full body workout in your home, park, or at the office. A door anchor and exercise guide give you a vast array of strength, mobility and movement exercises.

DAILY MOVEMENT – Why is everyday movement important? With everyday training, you live longer. The human body is built for movement, sitting still increases harmful lipids. The Posture Workout Band lets daily exercise become a natural part of your life.

IMPROVED POSTURE – We advise you to use our Posture Workout Band for 2-10 minutes twice a day for a stronger body and improved posture.


• The Posture Workout Band is a workout kit for a full body workout.

• The workout band is in a textile elastic cord and has loops for a good grip and individual resistance.

• An exercise inspiration guide comes with the product.

• Can be washed at 40 °C.

• The exercise band, long and short, gives you a variety of exercises for a full body workout at the office, at the park or in your living room.


Product Code: WEB2014

  • Resistance band with loops to get different resistance depending on exercise
  • Use it for 5-15 minutes
  • Door hook included for flexible resistance training towards the wall
  • One size & Washable
  • Scroll down for more information, tutorial video, exercise examples and exercise video