Posture Balance Seat


POSTURE AND CORE EXERCISE – Posture Balance is a balance seat that encourages you to exercise your core and posture. By balancing, you improve movement and flexibility while doing other things.

MINI GYM – Posture Balance can transform your desk, home, office or couch into a low intensity mini gym. A chance to sit yourself fit and exercise!

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE – To get more done in a day, a good posture is quite important. Why is a good posture important? Your body posture affects body language, mood, and results. It increases your wellbeing and decreases stress levels, while you strengthen your back and core muscles.


  •  Posture Balance is a training tool that strengthens your core muscles and improves hip mobility while you’re doing other things.
  •  Place Posture Balance on any seat, chair, or sofa, it’s not dependent on the surface.
  •  Inspiration exercises are added to the seat.
  •  Using the Posture Balance has a similar effect to sitting on a Pilates ball, with the benefit that you can lean to the side with a natural stop. Posture Balance is even more unstable than a Pilates ball which encourages you to use your core muscles even more. It’s also takes up less space.


Product Code: WEB2012

  • Strengthens your core muscles while working
  • Improves your posture by getting a stronger core
  • Makes you sit in an ergonomic position
  • Activates your whole body while sitting down
  • Do exercises about 30 minutes daily