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PAIN GONE is a handy pocket sized fast working device shaped like a ball point pen, it has no attachments whatsoever so it can be used anywhere, anytime. Pain gone works by delivering a controlled electronic frequency straight to the point of pain.

What Conditions has Pain Gone been used for?

  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • tennis elbow
  • fibromyalgia
  • sports injuries
  • menstrual pain
  • headache
  • aching muscles
  • neuralgia
  • lumbago

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PainGone easy to use?
Yes. There are no leads or pads or complicated settings involved. PainGone has just one simple activating button. Hold the PainGone in your hand, place it on the point of pain and click the button about 30-40 times. This takes less than a minute. It really is that simple.

How often should I use PainGone?
Use PainGone whenever you require relief from pain. You cannot overdose and there are no side effects.

How long does PainGone take to work?
In many cases PainGone will work to relieve pain almost immediately or within a few hours or days. Some people may need to use the device for up to 14 days to feel the full benefits.

How do I know if my PainGone is working?
When you press the activating button, PainGone will make a click noise. As long as PainGone makes this click noise, you can be sure that the device is working.

Is it Safe?

Yes , Pain Gone is extremely safe. It is clinically proven to have no side effects whatsoever and will not affect any form of medication prescribed by your doctor.

Can I over do it?

No. Pain Gone can be used as often as you require, it is completely harmless.

How long will PainGone last?
PainGone typically provides around 100,000 clicks. If used several times daily it will provide around 2 years use.

If I dont use PainGone, will it lose its charge?
No. PainGone retains its charge during periods of inactivity.


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  • Drug-free
  • Clinically tested
  • Class IIa Medical Device CE Certified
  • Approved in over 30 countries
  • No side effects
  • Convenient & compact
  • Works over clothing
  • Piezo Electric Therapy
  • Dimensions: 132 x 20 x 20mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Frequency: 1-2Hz Manual Operation
  • Output voltage: Nominal 15Kv
  • No Batteries Requir3ed
  • Product Life: Average 1 to 2 years
  • Frequency of Treatment: As often as required
  • Maintenance: No significant maintenance required
  • Accessories: None required