Paingone Fllow Expert – Improve Leg Circulation


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How to use Fllow
Simply put your feet on each of the cushioned footpads and relax as Fllow delivers the electrical pulses through the soles of the feet and into the lower legs. The pulses work to encourage your calf muscles to gently contract which in turn helps to boost increased blood flow to naturally flow up and down the legs which is highly effective at preventing pain and discomfort and reducing the sensation that is so common with joint and arthritic pain.

Once you have selected the most appropriate strength or intensity for you, you can sit back and let Fllow work its magic. With 25 Opti-Form waveforms to choose from, you can tailor make your own individual program to suit you and your individual requirements. Some users will require a higher level of intensity to target their pain and others may need less, depending on the degree of pain you experience. The programs feature unique speeds, patterns and types for a varied and enjoyable experience.

Below is a guide to help you to decide which mode is best for you:

Mode 1 – Feet and Legs
After selecting your intensity, place bare feet on the footpads and use the device for 30 minutes. Fllow works to  and stimulate the muscle in the legs encouraging blood to pump through the veins, which can help to boost blood flow to the feet and legs.

Mode 2 – Knee Pain
Specially designed Artho-Fllow electrode pads work to help tackle the pain of arthritis, when they are worn directly on the legs to provide targeted relief from the discomfort from arthritis within the knee.

Mode 3 – For Other Areas
Fllow can also be used on other areas of the body, thanks to the TENS electrode pads which are safe to use almost everywhere, they provide targeted relief from pain without then need for medication.

Cosy Foot Cover
To prevent feet from getting cold, a foot cover is included to be used with the device. It can easily be slipped on over the device to keep the feet warm which will help to boost blood circulation during your treatment and prevent your feet from become uncomfortably cold.

Recline Mode
You don’t have to be standing or sitting upright to use Fllow, it can be used wherever you are, on a chair, on lying on the bed, simply anywhere! Its legs are fully adjustable to adjust to your height and the most comfortable angle to help get the most out of your treatment.

Touch Screen
Fllow has a clear, easy to read illuminated screen which makes it simple to see, operate and use with its sensitive buttons that respond to even a light touch. It is lightweight and easy to control and change settings as necessary to adjust the device to the way that suits you best. It even boasts a Find my remote safety feature with a beeping sensation to help you to locate it you have lost it.


Product Code: PGFLLOW

  • Relieves discomfort while keeping legs and feet health
  • Fllow Expert is a CE certified medical device that is specially designed to help boost blood flow and reduce discomfort safely and effectively.
  • The device uses a unique 3 in 1 system and features:
  • 150 levels of intensity
  • 24 Opti-Fllow waveforms
  • A rechargeable battery