Multi-Sensory Rooms

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We offer bespoke Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environments with a tailor-made service to suit your individual needs & budget.

A Snoezelen Sensory Room empowers the user by providing the tools to control the colours, sounds, aromas and images in their environment.

The exploratory approach of Snoezelen® allows the individual to tailor the sensory room to suit their tastes, seeking out the sensory experiences that they enjoy and find beneficial. Snoezelen® rooms are, by nature, relaxing spaces that help to reduce agitation and anxiety, but they can also engage and delight the user, stimulating reactions and encouraging communication. The Snoezelen® approach is client led and flexible. Whether it’s a calming space or an interactive space, we can provide a wide range options.

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The Process

Step 1: Advisor Visit
Contact us to arrange an advisor visit to go through your needs,
see the space you have and what you are trying to achieve.

Step 2: Planning & Design
Following on from the visit, from the information provided by
your advisor, the designer will begin to create your bespoke

Step 3: Visual
The plans are enhanced and a FREE visual is created. This enables
you to experience the space as if you were standing in it.
Once you are happy with the design, the process continues
through to order & installation.

Step 4: Reality
The journey ends with installation of your fabulous new room!
Our installers will show you how to use your new equipment and
get the best out of your room.


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