MPPL Wandering Alert Kit – Door/Window, Floor & Pager Kit


Increasing safety by preventing the risk of falls when wandering, the Wandering Alert Floor & Door Sensor Kit consists of a floor pressure mat, a magnetic door contact transmitter and radio pager. The hard-wearing mat, which can be placed next to a bed or chair, detect pressure when it's stood on. This sends an alert to a pager so that carers can administer help to the patient.

The door sensor can be used on internal or external doors to detect when the patient is leaving the room. Pager alerts can be vibrations or sounds or a combination. All devices feature a low battery alert, signalled by the pager. The door/window contact sensor is powered by 1 x 9v battery.

Kit includes MPPL Pager, Floor Sensor Mat and Door/Window Sensor

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Product Code: M85206

  • Mat to detect pressure of patient who is standing on it
  • Detects when a patient leave their chair, bed or is leaving a room
  • Alerts carers to patient who is wandering
  • Pager alert can be vibrations, sounds or a combination