MPPL Voice Alarm Floor Mat


With a large surface area to prevent false alerts, the MPPL Pager Floor Mat triggers an alert when the patient’s weight is applied to the mat, for example when someone steps out of bed or leaves their chair. The alert informs carers via the MPPL pager so that help can be administered.

Connects to the Voice Alarm System (M99769) to let a carer know that a person has left their bed. Detects when a person tries to leave a bed For use with the Voice Alarm Monitor (sold separately)

This product is an add on and must be used in conjunction with the MPPL Pager M99771 and Voice Alarm Monitor M99769 or one of the MPPL Pager Kits M85206, N03397 and N09107 and Voice Alarm Monitor M99769

Transmitter N35064 is required with one of the kits (M85206, N03397 or N09107). 



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  • Placed on floor by a bed or chair
  • When a patient steps on the mat, an alert is issued
  • Helps with falls prevention