Molicare Premium Slip Super


Suitable for people with SEVERE/VERY SEVERE incontinence. Particularly for bed-bound patients or patients that have difficulty moving. Ideal for overnight
• Skin friendly top layer pH 5.5 works to match natural skin functions
• Air Active non-woven side panels let air circulate supporting healthy skin
• Re-closable hook-and-loop tabs can be opened and closed
• 3-part absorbent core with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) locks away fluids quickly and helps keep skin dry.



Product Code: WEB1002

• Soft inner cuffs help to prevent leakage
• Soft and discreet white textile-like backsheet
• Wetness indicator to help with changing routine

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Small 60 to 90 cm / 23 ¾ to 35 ½ inches 1040ml Pack of 28 169176, Medium 90 to 120cm / 35 ½ to 47 ¼ inches 1240ml Pack of 28 169276