Molicare Premium Mobile 5 Drops


Particulary suitable for active people who would like
discreet but secure protection. Suitable for patients
with dementia as they are like real underwear. For
MODERATE incontinence

10% DISCOUNT applied if ordered by case (4 packs per case)


Product Code: 915861

• Easy to fit just like underwear
• Tear-open sides help you to change used products quickly and easily
• Soft inner cuffs provide extra leakage protection
• The breathable backing is kind to your skin and comfortable to wear
• Coloured stripes indicate front of pull-up pant
• Wetness indicator to help with changing routine

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Small Hips 60-90cm / 24 to 35 inches 680ml 14 per pack 915861, Medium Hips 80-120cm / 31 to 47 inches 805ml 14 per pack 915962, Large Hips 100-150cm / 39 to 59 inches 949ml 14 per pack 915863, X-Large Hips 130-170cm / 51 to 67 inches 1119ml 14 per pack 915855