Marsden M-125 GP Column Scale with Height Measure


The Marsden M-125 is a high capacity, Class III Approved digital column scale and height measure designed specifically for GP surgeries.

Marsden and the National Regulation & Measurement Office recommend GP surgeries choose fewer, more accurate medical weighing scales rather than many, less accurate weighing devices. M-125 column scales are a great solution, as they provide medically-approved reliability and accuracy, but are lightweight enough to be moved between rooms if need be. Plus, the M-125 is our lowest priced medical column scale.

A 250kg capacity means M-125 column scales are suitable for most surgery uses; 100g accuracy is better than the average mechanical scale.

The height measure has 1mm increments up to a maximum of 2m.

Hold and Tare features are available. Hold stabilises the patient’s weight and Tare allows you to remove unwanted weight.

A robust weighing scale, the M-125 will withstand years of regular use. A Marsden service contract, which provides the recommended minimum of one re-calibration per year, can also be taken out and will ensure your M-125 stays accurate and reliable for longer.



•    Hold

•    BMI

•    Zero

•    Auto power-off battery save feature

•    Wheels

•    Robust design

•    AC adaptor included

•    Hard wearing base surface

•    Long battery life

•    Low maintenance

•    Easy to transport

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Product Code: M-125HM

  • Capacity 250kg
  • Graduations 100g
  • Dimension 310mm x 90mm x 310mm
  • Adaptor (Supplied) 3pin tip postive 12V 300 m/a
  • Weight of scale 8kg
  • Power supply Mains Non Rechargeable Mains 1 x 9V PP3 battery