Magiplug® Flood & Scald Prevention Plug


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Cleverly designed to prevent your bath from overflowing and to warn you when the water gets too hot, the Magiplug Flood & Scald Prevention Plug is a great item to increase safety in your home.If a bath is filling beyond a certain depth, the pressure plate opens to release water down the plughole. The Magiplug also changes colour to alert you to high temperatures between 32 and 41ºC and attaches to your existing plug chain as a direct plug replacement.

Key Features
  • Prevents flooding and scalding
  • Ideal for anyone with reduced memory
  • Pressure plate releases water when depth is too great
  • Colour change indicator alerts you to high temperatures


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Product Code: L27479

  • Overall size: 70mm (2¾”).
  • Diameter of plughole –
  • 44 – 50mm (1¾ – 2″).