M2 Mini El-Tip Shower Commode Chair

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Can be tipped 37 degrees backwards and 7 degrees forwards with the help of the built in electrical engine. The electrical engine is battery driven and can normally operate up and down 30-40 times by max. load before it have to be recharged. Simply applying a pluck in the control box charges the batteries. Height adjustable in 4 seat heights:55,5 cm-57,5 cm-59,5 cm-61,5 cm Flexible washable back part in net-weave. The back part can be adjusted in the depth.

Can be delivered which 100 mm wheels (instead of the standard 125 mm), which gives a lowest seat height of 53 cm.

Comes as standard with: Normal seat, cover for the hole, p.u. Foam pillows for the armrests, lock on the armrests, double lockable 125 mm wheels on all 4 legs

Can also be delivered with standard seat (which is clicked off and on) With the chair follows a lid which covers the whole seat.

·         Is delivered as standard with locks on the armrests

·         Simple remote control for up and down movement.

·         The depth on the back part is adjusted by 2 buckles

·         Large accessories program such as:(See accessories brochures for details)

·         Height adjustable headrest,

·         Height and depth adjustable headrest.(Both the headrests can be adjusted in the width of the pu. foam pillow.).

·         ”Push-away” footrests

·         Leg supports which with the help of Velcro tape can be adjusted in the depth

·         Side support (for the upper body)

·         Leg support (can be adjusted up till vertical)



Product Code: M2-MET