Medisana TMA79 Infrared Body Thermometer


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Precise and fast measurement of the body temperature on the forehead in seconds.

Additional function: measurement of ambient temperature, liquids and surfaces (0 100 C).

Visual and acoustic fever alarm with colour change:
green: normal temperature
yellow: slight temperature
red: raised temperature

Extra large, easy to read LCD display.

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Technical Data

Size: approx. 138 x 95 x 40mm

Weight: approx. 90g (w/o battery)

Measuring range:
Body mode: 34
43.0 C
Surface mode: 0
100 C

Accuracy of measurement:
Body mode:
C~34.9 C: 0.3 C
C~42.0 C: 0.2 C
C~43.0 C: 0.3 C
Surface mode:
2 C

Resolution: 0.1 C

Measureing distance: 1 5cm
Three Color Backlight:
green: 35.5 37.3 C
yellow: 37.4 38 C(Alarm point)
red: 38.1 43.0 C

Operating mode:
Adjusted mode(body mode)
Direct mode(surface mode)
Measuring site: Forehead