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Developed from the award winning Periformprobe, the Educator provides an extremely simple and effective solution to help improve pelvic floor muscle strength and eliminate incontinence problems.

How does the Educator work?
The Educator is a simple and easy to use device that shows if the pelvic floor muscles are being contracted correctly.Strengthening these musclescan also help to reduce symptoms of stress incontinence. Its unique form allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina, which indicates how the pelvic floor muscles are being contracted. T

The external part of the Educator amplifies this movement to show whether these muscles are being contracted correctly or not.There is growing awareness of the significant contribution that the pelvic floor muscles (PFM)make to lumbo-pelvic stability. As such, it isimportant that MSK therapists are confident that their patients are able to correctly contract the pelvic floor muscles (PFM) so that they may be incorporated safely into the core stability training.

Why is the Educator important?
It is recognized by Continence Care Specialists that teaching pelvic floor contractions is extremely difficult. Studies have shown that even with first class one to one tuition, half of thoseinstructed will not contact the correct muscles.
In fact, half of those contracting incorrectlywill get it so wrong that they are in danger of damaging their pelvic floor. Educator is perfect for patients to use at home to ensure they are doing pelvic floor exercises correctly.

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  • Simple to use.
  • Visual aid to teach correct pelvic floor exercises
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles.
  • Allows improvement to be monitored.
  • Single patient use.