Bioform® S102 Gel Pressure Relief Cushion


Bioform S102  is an anti-pressue sore cushion which provides pressure relief in medium risk situations.

It features a smooth surface and different thicknesses of Gel to reduce pressure on sensitive areas,massage the skin and stimulate lymph ducts.

The cushion is manufactured by means of the RVS (Royal Vacuum System) technology. This patent system consists of vacuum-fusing different components into a single item without having to resort to glues or stitching.

The cover of this cushion consists of a 75-micron thick, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial transparent urethane film which is waterproof, breathable and extremely elastic (it has been subjected to stretching tests of up to 800%)


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Product Code: WEB0206

  • User weight limit: 140kg
  • Width : 40cm / 15.7 inches
  • Depth : 41cm / 16.1 inches
  • Height / thickness 5.5cm / 2 ¼ inch
  • Cushion weight : 2.7kg