Bioform® Dynamic Plus Cushion


The Dynamic Plus Bioform Floatation System Cushion offers the highest degree of protection from pressure ulcers. It is especially appropriate for individuals who are very thin or who find it difficult to move when in the seated position.

Bioform Floatation System Cushions are made of raised cells of LEVAGEL which are placed at equal distances from one another to allow for the circulation of air. The anatomic shape of the cushion offers: a recessed area for the sacrum, allowing the user to sit on a wide surface area for improved pressure distribution; a raised section at the front separating the legs thus preventing rotation and favoring correct posture; a contoured surface, assuring total stability. The anatomic shape of the cushion and the special gel padding work together to help maintain a balanced seating position, even when the cushion is used by people with asymmetric seating posture.

The cushion is supplied with an external cover made of washable, elasticized cotton. This special cover features a convenient storage pocket at the side, a slip-resistant surface on the bottom , and a nylon handle at the front for easy transport.


• S202DP40: 40cm (15.7”) width x 42cm (16.5”) depth. Weight: 3.1kg

• S202DP43: 43cm (16.9”) width x 45cm (17.7”) depth. Weight: 3.9kg

• S202DP51: 51cm (20”) width x 45cm (18”) depth. Weight: 4.3kg



Product Code: WEB0204

  • User weight limit: 140kg