Bath Glove Sling


Based on the highly acclaimed SAS Para, the Bath Glove offers an excellent solution for transferring into the bath or swimming pool.

Full body support is provided and a useful “pommel” is incorporated to reduce the risk of the user sliding through when wet and slippery. The special soft, strong fabric provides significant tissue viability benefits over traditional “mesh”. It also enables water to drain through more readily and easily. It dries even faster!

Please contact us on 01 463 6363 for information on larger sizes available.

Sling suitability:

• Bath

• Lifting from Bed or Floor

• Lifting from Chair

• Suitable for above Knee Amputees

• HeadShell Compatible

• Clip model available for compatibility with Arjo Hoists



• Size 1 – Height: 75-95cm, Girth: 45-55cm, Colour: White

• Size 2 – Height: 95-110cm, Girth: 50-60cm, Colour: Red

• Size 3 – Height: 110-130cm, Girth: 55-70cm, Colour: Yellow

• Size 4 – Height: 130-150cm, Girth: 65-80cm, Colour: Green

• Size 5 – Height: 140-160cm, Girth: 70-85cm, Colour: White

• Size 6 – Height: 150-170cm, Girth: 75-90cm, Colour: Red

• Size 7 – Height: 160-180cm, Girth: 85-100cm, Colour: Yellow

• Size 8 – Height: 165-185cm, Girth: 95-115cm, Colour: Green

• Size 9 – Height: 170-190cm, Girth: 105-130cm, Colour: Black

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Product Code: WEB0500

  • User weight limit: 200kg / 31.5st