Medisana Air Humidifer 0.9 Litre


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AH 662 Air humidifier

The air humidifier AH 662 helps to create a healthy interior climate. After all, excessively dry room air increases susceptibility to infections and respiratory disorders. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, the air humidifier AH 662 tangibly improves the quality of the inhaled air. A pleasant odour is also a part of a pleasant interior climate. Therefore, the AH 662 humidifier has an aroma compartment, in which you can easily use your favourite aroma oils.

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With ultrasound technology to improve the breathing air quality
  • Automatically switches off when the tank is empty
  • Incl. aroma compartment for the use of fragrant oils
  • High efficiency through micro-fine atomisation
  • Water level indicator (full = blue, empty = red)
  • Max. duration 15 hours
  • Low-noise and energy-saving