Our prosthesis & bra fitting suite was specially designed with you in mind. We’ve created just the right environment for women following a mastectomy treatment for breast cancer who require a prosthesis, bra, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, and skincare. We also measure and fit compression sleeves for Lymphedema. The Everywoman suite includes:
  • Separate, air conditioned waiting area.
  • Private fitting rooms.
  • Trained fitters – friendly, relaxed and supportive women.
  • Private display room – to view swimwear, lingerie, sportswear, etc.
  • Dedicated contact points – e.g. telephone, email, and website.
Everywoman is entirely compliant with the ‘Standards of Care’ issued by the Irish Cancer Society. Visit the dedicated Everywoman website at www.everywoman.ie
Other Surgical Fittings
Murray’s Pharmacy also Measure, Fit, Supply and Instruct in use of other surgical fittings. Click here for more details.
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