Tired or Unstable when Walking? Get a Walking Aid with a Seat!

3-wheeled walkers and 4-wheeled rollators are excellent for regaining independence, as nowadays they’re lightweight and foldable, making it easy to transport and store. If you’ve had a fall, lost confidence, or are just wary of your legs getting tired – do not worry. Many 4-wheeled rollators now come with a foldable frame with a seat included providing storage space underneath for a basket for shopping.

This is a gamechanger, as it restores independence and allows you to stop to take a break when you want a breather and also allows you to comfortably stop and chat when you meet friends. The seat is at a convenient height, with a backrest, for further safety and has locking brakes providing extra stability for when the rollator is static.

Rollators and three wheeled Walkers are great for outdoor use. They provide a stable and safe aid to reduce the risk of falling, especially if you’ve had a tumble/accident, due to the constant fear of a repeat fall and loss of the confidence that ensues. They are life savers and provide the confidence to regain lost independence.

Rollators & Walkers also importantly help maintain health and muscle strength through exercise. It’s important to keep your body moving so you don’t waste muscle tone, as you’ll slowly lose independence, becoming more reliant on family/carers or risk progressing to a wheelchair. This can be avoided by remaining active through regular, safe, exercise and the Rollator is the tool to keep you moving and active.

They are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces at home, or in supermarket aisles, and as they fold/collapse they’re also great for fitting in a boot for family outings.

Take a look at our full range here: https://murrays.ie/walking-aids/

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