Remain Independent this Winter

Autumn/Winter are now upon us, but that doesn’t mean you need to hibernate until next Spring. The best thing about owning your own Scooter is that it provides you with independence, the ability to visit family/friends, as well as shop and travel. You can remain just as independent over the winter. All you need to do is plan your trips with the weather in mind, wrap up, and then you can still enjoy as active a life, as during summer.

Winter Usage Tips
If you decide to continue to use your scooter without a winter break, you do not need to change your charging habits. So long as you store it in a dry place there should be no need to change your usage practices from summer.

If you decide your scooter is an important part of your independent life we suggest you do the following;

  • Look at waterproof clothing or specialist ponchos/capes designed for use with a scooter. They provide protection from wind and rain and are suitable for all scooters and wheelchairs. You can have one with arms or one that covers the complete scooter.
  • Accessories to allow winter independence. Gloves, hats, shopping bags, walking stick holders and visibility clothing or stickers are all important for the cold, dark, evenings.

Winter Storage Tips
If you decide to lock your scooter away for the winter months, here are a few tips.

  • Store it indoors in a room or garage to keep it dry.
  • Fully charge your batteries before detaching them from the scooter, also storing them in a dry place.
  • It’s important to charge them every few weeks to keep them active until you decide to next use your scooter. If you don’t the battery could be flat/drained after the winter.

Service you Scooter
A scooter needs maintenance, just like a car. It’s important to have an annual service and inspection. This is less expensive than driving the scooter for a few years and then having major difficulties to deal with.

Batteries require replacement and these intervals depend entirely on usage, but more importantly on maintaining a regular charging schedule. If you don’t recharge as recommended the batteries die a lot quicker than necessary.

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