3 Things to Check before Buying a Bedwetting Alarm

Bedwetting alarms are a clinically proven cure for 75% of children suffering night-time bed wetting. Before you rush to buy an alarm online, you should first check the following.

1. Are there other medical factors involved in your child’s Bedwetting?
Most children that wet the bed are simply deep sleepers, these mostly can be resolved by the retraining bedwetting alarms provide.

The following issues that can also cause bed wetting, need to be ruled out:

  • Constipation / faecal incontinence
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Low levels of ADH (Anti-diuretic Hormone)

2. Have you a willing patient?
You need to ensure that your child is keen to stop bed wetting and happy to use a bedwetting alarm. This is important to get the best results and becomes easier to get buy-in the older a child gets. Sleepovers, summer camps and wanting to be like siblings / peers is usually enough to motivate children. It’s also important to let the alarm do its job without the parent’s involvement.

The alarm is absolutely not for the parent. If you jump out of bed on hearing the alarm, the alarm is training you and not the child. The child will never get trained unless they subconsciously connect the alarm with the bladder being full.

3. Decide Which alarm suits best?

  • Wired = Works well for budget-conscious, only difficulty is entanglements.
  • Wireless = All features of wired, only without the cord. Particularly good for restless sleeper.

Murray’s stock both of the Dri-Sleeper Models.

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