What to Consider when Buying a Mobility Scooter

Like all motorised products there are poor, average, and better, quality manufacturers. We only offer recognised US and EU brands, like Pride & Kymco, avoiding the cheaper Chinese copies. Our reasoning is that we do not want to sell a Scooter that breaks down and causes customers problems. Benjamin Franklin said, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

Size & Weight
Mobility scooters come in small, medium, and large. Small can easily break down and fit into a car boot. Medium scooters can also fit in boots, but are seldom because of their weight and size. Large mobility scooters are too big to fit into a standard car boot.

There are now new Folding Scooters, in addition to the original scooters, that are lightweight and easily fold down for storage and portability.

Scooters are priced from under €1,000 – €5,000+ depending on weight, size, and function-ability. Check out our explanatory link on scooters; https://youtu.be/NOynLJwtfnE

Cognition & Co-ordination
It’s important the driver is competent to drive without being a danger to themselves and others. We always recommend a trial at one of our showrooms to ensure that they are OK to drive.

Terrain and Journey Range
You need to consider your local terrain. Steep hills, pavement/shops, gravel, cobble stones and grassy parks all put different demands on scooters. You also need to consider the usual distances you’ll want to travel. The higher the hills, the longer the distance the bigger the battery to ensure a single charge is enough.

Turning Radius
If you have to contend with narrow or confined spaces, you’ll most likely need a smaller scooter with a shorter turning radius. This is more likely to be necessary at your home or local shops.

This is basic and very important. Scooters need to be stored indoors, out of the rain so the battery is not adversely affected. You also need access to a power point to charge the battery after use. If you live up stairs or in an apartment you need somewhere safe and dry, or access to a lift.

Is it for local journeys to shops and church, or trips by car to shopping centres or family. The more it’s used locally or further afield will determine which model you select.

All of the above factors, need to be taken into account when buying a scooter – we strongly recommend a visit one of our showrooms for a test drive, before you buy, so you can see what suits you best.

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