Ollie’s Trip to Lourdes – Safety Sleeper Testimonial

Ollie was very fortunate to be offered the opportunity for a free pilgrimage holiday to Lourdes as part of the charity HCPT. Ollie is full of character and absolutely loves new experiences and meeting new people, but he is also an accomplished escaped artist and has a tendency to eat non-food items, which can put him at risk of choking.

We had to think carefully about how best to keep Ollie safe during the day, when traveling, and all night long. He has a built in SafeSpace in his bedroom at home. Once asleep he usually stays asleep for a number of hours, but even with night nurses watching him constantly on a monitor, there was always the risk of him waking whilst they were attending to another child on the trip.

A friend of the family owns a Safety Sleeper and Ollie had successfully managed a camping holiday in it before. Unfortunately, they also needed their safe bed the same week and so we were very fortunate to be able to arrange a trial with Murray’s Medical for the week of Ollie’s trip.

The Safety Sleeper arrived in a hard suitcase, wasn’t too heavy, and had clear instructions including a video on how to assemble it. Ollie loved his bed, was relaxed inside, and we were able to leave him safely in it, including running his oxygen inside once he was asleep, and know that we didn’t need to worry about him again until he woke up and requested company. Ollie had a brilliant trip away to Lourdes, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Safety Sleeper to ensure he could be kept safe all night long.

Find out more about the Safety Sleeper: https://murrays.ie/the-safety-sleeper/

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