How & Why do Bedwetting Alarms Work?

Bedwetting is a common problem for young kids to teenagers. It reduces dramatically with age and generally needs addressing for parents because of the self-esteem and social issues, rather than the exhausting workload. It often comes to a head when the practice of sleepovers arises, as the children are reluctant to go for fear of an accident. For children without an underlying medical/physiological problem the stats as follows;  5yr olds, it’s 1 in 5 that have an issue, 8yr olds it reduces to 1 in 20 and in 15yr olds that gone down to 1 in 50.

The best time for dealing with bedwetting is to deal with it before it becomes a big issue in the mind of the child. The good news is that if the need arises when there is a self-esteem/stigma issue, it can be resolved quite quickly and without the need for medicines or restrictive water intake practices before bedtime, which seldom works, as it doesn’t deal with the cause. Which mostly is deep sleepers that aren’t alerted to the need to go to the toilet. It has never been easier to resolve bedwetting, as the introduction of alarms have provided parents with a quick, proven method of training to wake up and avoid wetting the bed.

The Dri-Sleeper bed wetting alarm powerfully boosts the learning process to train/condition the child to react to a full bladder, without thinking. Initially, the child wakes after the event, then over a short period of time they wake earlier into the act, to eventually waking just before they need to pee. The alarm has been training the child subconsciously to connect a full bladder with wetting the bed, till they anticipate the wetting. It’s important that the parents let the alarm wake the child, and not intervene when they hear the alarm, as that’s training the parents note the child.

It normally takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to cure the problem, and a child is considered cured after 14 dry nights in a row. Some relapse and start the process again, but most don’t.

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