Memory Clinics in Ireland

There are 25 memory clinics in Ireland at present with plans underway for more. Dublin has a third of these and the rest are currently unevenly spread, not recognising need, geography, or population. There are 13 Counties with no Memory Clinics and the Northwest is the worst served nationally, having none at all in the whole region.

Everyone can access the services of the Memory Clinic network. They will require a referral from a GP or other healthcare professional. The services provided include, lifestyle advice, how to maintain/improve cognitive health, clinical diagnosis, treatment, general tips and advice regarding the ability to continue work and driving.

The treatments offered are tailored to each person’s individual needs, including drug treatments. It’s important to understand that drug treatments help with stabilising the progression of the illness and short-term needs, but they are not curative and do not tackle the underlying causes. Counselling, information and advice or practical everyday tips for living with Dementia are provided. There is also advice on practical aids, to help improve the quality of life, enjoyment through creative resources, independence, and safety at home. This allows for a better understanding of what lies ahead, helping allay fears, and providing resources for planning what lies ahead, in a positive way. This is important to illustrate that it’s still possible to enjoy a rewarding quality of life with the diagnosis.

They are funded through the HSE and all, except 1 or 2 private units, provide their services free of charge. It’s also important to understand, and be reassured, that Memory Clinics do not generally involve hospital admissions.

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